Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Pulling Teeth

Cameron had two teeth pulled today. We tried to pull them - well I say that but we weren't too aggressive with it because pulling teeth is a lot like ripping a nail off of someone else's finger. I just couldn't bring my self to pull really hard. And twisting the tooth... I just can't imagine twisting someone's tooth out of their head - AAGGHH!

A $300 dentist bill will change your mind real quick though. I will be pulling those teeth myself from now on. Heck I'll probably start tonight on the rest of them. What's the difference - they'll all come back by the tenth grade - right?

One tooth that was pulled today had been ridiculously loose for about 5 weeks and had finally lodged itself again sideways. It was a lesson to me that most bad habits have a small window to be corrected without help from a professional. God gives grace in that window to break a bad habit that holds you back. I heard John Maxwell say "You form habits, and then they form you." Don't wait to break a bad habit until it costs you dearly. Do it now and save yourself the trouble of needing professional help. God again gives grace to us in the pulling of our own teeth. Yank them out before it becomes more than you can handle.

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