Friday, December 28, 2007

2 are better then 7

My family and I were in Indiana for Christmas. We came home yesterday after hanging out in Cincy for the day. We were in a mall and there were 5 adults and 4 children. (Mom, Dad, Sis, Wife, Me, children). I have a three year old that likes to wander. There wasn't a designated person to watch him but everyone had one eye on him. Needless to say he managed to sneak away while we were sipping some starbucks. Not far - he was behind us on a horsey ride about 8 feet. Although he was on the other side so adrenaline kicked in for a split second before I saw his beady little eyes peering behind the ride that was in need of another quarter. I've never considered a leash until then. His mother then decided to watch him like a hawk with his sticky little hand glued to hers under much protest.

I went to bed last night thinking about that and how that applies to bringing someone up in the faith. I am a firm believer in personal discipleship and have witnessed so many new believers fall through the cracks of a church because 8 people had one eye on them but no one had two. I have heard it said that "Everyone's job is no one's job".

Saturday, December 1, 2007

"Skate! Gate! Foot!"

Tonight Claire (my little girl) was doing some homework. The task seemed like a fun one. She was to identify one of three items in a group that did not rhyme. When she discovered one she would let out a cry of victory and recite the three items. This was not just a fun game to her. It was a celebration of discovery. The one she yelled the loudest was "Skate! Gate!! Foot!!!"

About the same time I was reading a book at the same table and made a discovery of my own. I am reading a book by Ed Stetzer called Planting Missional Churches. He quotes a book called The Shaping of things to Come. He explains that our Christology (our understanding of Jesus) shapes our Missiology (our understanding of the Mission of Jesus) and creates our Ecclesiology (the way we function as a church).

Too often we put the cart before the horse when it comes to doing the work of the ministry. The form and function of the church must never come before the person of Jesus. We must start with understanding, loving, and serving Jesus before we try to do church. It will remain a partial picture of the real thing and not a completed version of the Body of Christ.