Friday, February 29, 2008

Spiritaul Geneology

I was reading a devotional out of a publication put out by Moody. At the end of the devo it asked if the reader had ever traced his/her spiritual genealogy. I had not so I started to do a little research. Here goes...

1. My dad (Mike Holman) led me to Christ
2. His dad (Frank Holman) led him to Christ
3. Dr. Tom Malone led my Grandfather to Christ
4. William David Campbell (a circuit riding methodist preacher from Georgia) led Tom Malone to Christ in the 1930's.

I did a little research about the Methodists and found out that John Wesley went first to Savannah, Georgia in coming to the States with the intent to to convert the Indians.

If my math is correct William David Campbell's birth outdated Wesley's death by about 80 years. So there is probably 2 or 3, at most, spiritual generations in between he and John Wesley. Here the whole time I thought I was a Baptist by heritage... hmph.

Do yours - it will surprise you to find out that most of us can trace our own spiritual genealogy
back to a historic movement. Let me know what you come up with.