Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Unlucky Shark Teeth and Proper Burial Procedures

My oldest son Cameron was told by a friend at school that he got some money from the tooth fairy not only for his own teeth but for shark teeth as well. This morning Cam came out in his boxers and said to me "Dad, you don't get money for shark teeth" (with the little shark tooth in his hand).
I usually have a moral to the story but I don't want to be prophetic with this one. And since it's just a story, and not scripture, you can come up with your own interpretation.

I have to tell you what he did yesterday too. We were out in the yard and I heard some commotion coming from the side of the house. I walked over to see the kids hovered over a dead bird. Cam then, being the oldest and wisest of the group, took it upon himself to give the bird a proper burial. It was nothing more than the bird being picked up by a hand shovel and placed on top of the dirt with handfuls of dirt on top of it. It was somewhat of an Indian Burial but I thought it was pretty cool - and somewhat symbolic... just kidding.
Ok I will add a story on to the end of this one... Sometimes as a dad it is really easy to be impatient with your kids. It is at times like these that God shows us the redeemable qualities in our children and that they are indeed created in the image of Himself.

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