Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weathering some twists and turns

Journal Photo / Bob Thayer

Have you ever noticed that reverse tire tracks carve a similar pattern on the road whether through patches of tar or into light blankets of snow? Sometimes you have to go in reverse from a direction that you've been heading.

Here recently we have felt God calling us to plant a church and have made provisions for it for the last year and a half. Through raising a lot of support, to enlarging our network, to finishing an internship with a new church plant, to working a part time job at Starbucks, and gathering a launch and intercessor team, God has blessed and showed us completely what church planters go through and know fully that God has shown us that for a reason. In the future I will fully support new churches and their endeavor to reach others for Christ. About a month ago I sat down with two leaders of the conference I am involved with in church planting and they informed me that because of running aground financially that they were no longer able to make any further commitments to us. They encouraged me to try and continue raising the rest of our support through another network but churches have taken a very large hit because of the economy. Because of this we feel that it is apparent that God at this time is not calling us to stay in Marion any longer. Please pray for the people I have come into contact with this last year in Marion. I feel as if God's work will be completed but by someone other than me. Also please pray for us as we seek God's face in this matter and thank you so much for your prayer and financial support. We will keep you posted.

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