Friday, December 19, 2008

Beka's Art

Beka painted our bathroom tonight and this was a piece of styrophome that she kept the paint can on. If you look at a drop ceiling tile, cracked plaster, a sidewalk, isn't it funny that even in accidents or random patterns you can always find a face. Hmmmm....
Here's some lyrics by JT (James Taylor - not Justin Timberlake for all you young whipper snappers out there) that this reminded me of:

Something's Wrong
Something's wrong, that restless
feeling's been preying on your mind
Road maps in a well cracked ceiling the signs aren't hard to find
Now I'm not saying that you've been mistreated
No one's hurt you - nothing's wrong
A moment's rest was all you needed
So pack your things and kindly move along
Like dust in the wind you're gone forever
You're wind-blown leaves you're a change in the weather
Just a town like any other a second brand new start
A third or fourth hand wife or lover no, you won't break her heart
Take some bacon go on and leave your watch chain
She won't count on nothing more
Wrap your hands around that small change
and tiptoe barefoot out the door
Yes, something's wrong that restless
feeling's been preying on my mind
When things get bad I'm bound to pack my bags and just
Leave them all behind.

Not to say I agree with the whole "third or fourth hand wife or lover" thing but his thoughts are always provoking...

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