Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dear "Palooza"

Dear "Palooza",

Please be removed from our urban, and common American English... forever. Just because someone has a brilliant product, or idea that just so happens to start with a "P" doesn't mean you have to be directly behind it for cheesy marketing purposes. You were fine back in the 90's and I'm sure that the directors behind Lalapalooza are glad they've given PiratePalooza, PizzaPalooza, PotterPalooza and the rest of the world equal permission to use you at their bidding but you have got to stop. You are like a 35 year old man refusing to get your GED living at home bumming off of dad selling
license plate covers on Craigslist. It's time to move on. If you should choose not too do so, you will be reported to abuseapalooza or even better yet, policeapalooza. Face it palooza, you are a looza.

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