Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Looking for a good fit..

I write melodies. Not that I don't like writing lyrics.. melodies come easy and words and concepts would come easier if I had time to storyboard. If you like poetry or write songs but are on the strong side of lyrics we might have a future. Let me tell you what I want from music.. at the risk of sounding shallow I don't have a strong desire to write worship music. I am very interested however in writing for artists in either the Christian or Country vein. Email me if you are interested in coming together for an impromptu co-write. I'm easy like a Sunday morning and will try to make it work. We don't even have to meet up. You can send me your lyrics or concepts and I can try to have a go at it. All conceptual matters will be kept confidential unless someone offers me a wad of cash for your intellectual property.. kidding :p

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Rachel said...

I sent you a message on fb.
Rachel Todd