Saturday, November 28, 2009

Food induced coma is over.... now what?

These past couple days was a feast like I hadn't had in a while. On Thursday we went over to spend the day with some dear friends from church and ate like kings. That wasn't enough celebrating though.. my Brother and Sister in law came over from Ohio later on Thursday and we ate some more not to mention our own Turkey feast on Friday. Let me tell you I think it was the best turkey Beka has ever made. I don't need much on turkey day - just stuffing, sweet potato casserole and a bird. We had a great time but I feel like I need to get to the gym to redeem the last part of the week and get a head start on next week.

Growing up a pastor's son my family never had a lot but mom and dad always made sure that we had a great dinner and time together. Because we didn't have a lot we didn't waste ANYTHING. I admit that it has turned me into a bit of a food Nazi. I hate wasting food, heat, energy, money, ____________, _____________. It has turned me into a bit of a pack rat as well. I find it very hard to throw stuff away especially of there is sentimental value attached. I still have a shirt that my youth group gave me as a going away present from 15 years ago.

This morning I woke up and found that not only the mashed potato's and the stuffing (no not the stuffing!!) and the turkey all got left out last night after someone made a sandwich and fell into a coma without first putting away the leftovers. I surprised myself with the feeling of loss that came over and soon after the anger.

After shutting everyone out for a couple hours to mourn the loss of my precious leftovers I realized that I had been thankful for the wrong thing. The stuffing didn't get up this morning and make my bed or do my laundry. The mashed potato's didn't iron my pants or sit at my feet during a movie. The turkey didn't keep me healthy or pay the penalty for my sins. Don't get me wrong, there's something special about sitting at a table filled with food that God so graciously gave me a job in order to pay for it. And there's something comforting about curling up in a lazy boy and watching the Lions get their butt's handed to them every year after the feasting but there is nothing like looking past the food to see whose at the table to enjoy it with you.

Don't let Black Friday leak over into the weekend. Think about what you're really thankful for!