Friday, June 12, 2009

How Well Do You Know Your Spouse?

Beka is an ESFZ according to the Golden which is similar to the Meyer's Brigg's. That means she is Extraverting, Sensing, Feeling, and organiZing. Her strengths (Clifton Strengthsfinder) are Belief, Developer, Relator, Responsibility, and Achiever.

All these terms may seem a little stale but they are true in real life. God has blessed her by making her totally unique and special to me and many others. I love her for who she is as well as being an awesome mom for our children. She deserves many posts a day and more than I give her in life.

I love you babe!

*isn't she lovely?*

1 comment:

Nani said...

Of course she is! She's my daughter and don't forget who she takes after and who taught her everything she knows...well almost everything.:)