Friday, June 12, 2009

New Experiences + Teaching Applications x Love = Growth

Cameron got a gift card from a friend to Wal-Mart. He wanted to get a game for the Wii and we said that was cool. The one he picked out was a "Sonic" game which we are familiar with so it wasn't a problem. He was reading the back of the game by the content rating which was Rated E10+. It got that rating becasue of Animated blood and Fantasy Violence. Number one I felt bad becasue I didn't read the label as well as I should have (which has gotten me into trouble before) and Cameron was the one to discover this on the rating.

First we took the game back before purchasing it and secondly I praised him for noticing that about the games rating. Hopefully he will keep his honesty through the pre-teen years.

Today I am reading from one of Maxwell's books, "The Winning Attitude". Here is a littel tid-bit from a chapeter I went through that expalins what can and should happen on a daliy basis in terms of raising a non year old boy (or any child for that matter).

New Experiences + Teaching Applications x Love = Growth

Way to go Cameron - Dad is proud of you!

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