Sunday, June 7, 2009


I. LOVE. ICE. CREAM. PERIOD. We have had our share of ice cream scooper's in our home and have lost all of them due to the hard nature of our ice cream. One man size dip and they break. I don't like that soft stuff - give me an iron clad scoop of Double Fudge Brownie any day but don't think about dishing me up some Breyer's imitation Chocalate as soft as a tender peice of veal. My ice cream needs something hefty to do the work. That is why this honey of a scooper found it's way into the drawer. Kitchen Aid gets my vote for best in utencils becasue of this ingenoiuos design! This is the kind that will stand the test of many desserts to come enough to make it "heirloom" status. It's one thing to have Grandpa's old toolbelt but it's another thing to have Grandma's kitchen-ware.

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