Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My family and I have been on the lookout for some new furniture. We have finally come to the conclusion that particle board furniture does not stand up to our three kids and have been shopping around for a couple additions to our furniture family. We ended up at a store later than what management wanted us to be looking around for something new - even though it was 30 whole minutes before closing time. The lady checking us out could not have been less hospitable. She was elderly, and the owner of the store and I could tell that her cold roast beef sandwich and tivo'd episodes of 'The Young and the Restless' were more important than selling off anther clearanced item. But we loved the piece we were getting and felt like we were helping out by supporting local economy. God stepped in and reminded me to not act so quickly towards someone who was a pain to work with.

Sorry these posts have been on the prophetic side but if God puts them in my heart - I post them.

May He grant you grace towards those that cause consistent friction.

...ok I gotta go to bed.

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holman family said...

i totally want that couch in the picture!!! forget leather! where'd you find that picture??