Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Last week I went skiing at Seven Springs and my coat was litterally a glaze donut after being punished by horrible conditions. I'm a conservative skiier as it is but one hill wore the daddy pants and kicked my tail. The conditions were horrible and I thought I could handle 15-20 mph in between turns but I have a rib that thinks differently. After I fell my confidence was shot to heck and could barely commit to any level of difficulty. I was dying for my friend to tell me not to go down another hill but he didn't. Instead he was encouraging me not to quit. There are somedays where you need to muscle through and other days where you just need to get off of the mountain so you can heal. May God send His Spirit to those of you who might be "skiing with a broken rib". Allow Him to minister to you and bring a complete healing!

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this is really good honey.