Wednesday, January 14, 2009

with cheese

Last night I was printing off a post (T.O Spiritual Leader) from my blog for our leader's meeting and saw a comment from a year ago that I'd missed. I wrote it after I'd heard Dennis McCallum (pastor at Xenos Christian Fellowship) speak at their summer institutes and after reading his book - Organic Disciplemaking.

The comment was "Hey Tim, Dennis here. Did you read the book yet?"

I thought it was my Father in Law b/c that's how he always answers the phone... and his name is Dennis too. Mind you that Dennis McCallum (and my dad in law) by this time is huge in my book. I listen to his podcast every week and have read a couple of his books. Beka and I frequented Xenos this last year but I have never met him nor seen him in person. I clicked on the name "Dennis" and lo and behold it was him asking if I'd read "Organic" yet?

Dennis, if you read this I would make the trip from Western PA to buy you a burger... with cheese.

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