Monday, January 19, 2009

Hot Tub Tales

Ha! I knew the steamy title would catch your attention! I was at the Y today in Cranberry (with half of the church there too!) in the hot tub. No ~ half of the church was not in the hot tub...
This YMCA is so nice that it has become the "A Model" for future facilities being built. Cranberry TWP is a busy area as it is and that growth is reflected everywhere you go.

There was a young famliy (mom, grandma, children) in the hot tub at the same time I was. They had young children (ages 2-4) that had just gotten out of the pool with towels wrapped around them and I could tell they were cold. Mom was letting them dip thier toes into the hot tub while they waited for an open shower in the locker room. There were so many people there this morning that they couldn't get to their belongings and had been waiting for a long time to get in.

Not long after that I strolled over to the mens locker room and was greeted by a warm and spacious shower, clearance to my locker, and space enough on the bench to get dressed and ready to go. Needless to say I felt bad for those moms that have the daily chore of watching after children. Not that it is a "chore" so to speak but I ackowledge the work it takes to ensure that Jr. gets his McNuggets, homework done, nose wiped, and so forth.

Beka has been home with the kids now for a few weeks homeshooling. I don't know how she gets it all done enough to make me dinner but I appreciate it. I love you Sweetheart.


Nani said...

It breaks my heart to see my little grandchildren in pain. I see Cam & Claire were very intent on something...Did you find anything out? Love you.

Nani said...

Oops! I posted on the wrong item..sorry. Did you give the kids the shower?