Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I was reading in Daniel about how Daniel's name got changed to Belteshazzar.
The King Belshazzar gave Daniel his new name because of his ability to interpret the “writings on the wall”.

I love what John MacArthur says about Daniel. "He was the King's favorite because of his leadership, his experience, wisdom, an excellent spirit, direct revelation from God Himself, and (Ilove this) a sense of history." This thought was more for myself but anyone in leadership must know that God uses some to influence the heart of a king so that God's ways might be established right where they are.

This is a call for shepherds to learn, know, and embrace history. There are so many benefits to it. In my own experience I've found that a good way to (number one) really attach yourself to the city God has called you to, (number two) and give yourself instant credibility as you converse with leaders in the city, is to learn its story.

And to those who are creative ~ How are you going to be able to navigate "out of the box" if you don't know what's "in the box"? Learn your history.

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