Wednesday, June 6, 2007

unfalsifiable evidence

I was listening to Ravi Zacharias today and he made a comment about something that I thought was so profound that I felt the need to blog about it even if I just posted his comments with adding nothing of my own. He used the text in Job where Job's friends were trying to console him in his agony. One of his friends Eliphaz told Job that a spirit glided over his face and this formless being asked him if mortals could be more righteous than God and if a man could be more pure than his maker. I can only imagine Job's indignation at his friends counsel. Ravi then made the point that some religions of the world are based off of one man's experience and millions follow without asking for anything to back it up.

I met a man that says that modern worship is doing a major disservice to those in the church simply based upon the fact that whenever he is exposed to modern worship it does something to his spirit. I in no way discount his emotions or experience but what this man is doing is forming a worship philosophy based solely upon what Ravi Z. calls "unfalsifiable evidence". This means that the argument is stacked in such a way that no one can refute their evidence.

Ravi went on to say that it is dangerous to form theology based upon an experience that is not sanctioned by the theoretical word of God. If we all based our theology on feeling we would be worse than sheep without a shepherd. Rock on Ravi Z.!!

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