Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Get Lost!

Have you ever driven past someone in their car unabashedly singing at the top of their lungs to a favorite song? I saw a kid at Starbucks in his car headbanging so hard I thought his head would have been thrown from the car if he would have kept it up. I don't know if he thought the 10% tint on his foggy windows provided him a mystical orb of protection around him but this kid was just lost in it. I can't say I minded too much to see his unbridled passion.

I played with a worship band one time that had a drummer with a very hard shell. He seemed to be the type that wouldn't let anyone in. I later found out that he had been through some major family problems at such a young age including being abandoned by his dad. His mom and his 4 brothers were left to fend for themselves. He was the oldest and felt the need to be the caretaker in his father's absence. I gave him a compliment after practice knowing that he probably hadn't received affirmation from a man in quite a while or if ever. His reply to my compliment was "Well, let's not get carried away". Before he could even finish his sentence I followed up with "No. Lets." After that I had a friend for life.

It is always ok to get carried away with a kind word or blessing! At all times it is ok to get lost in your music! Constantly shower those you love with love and get carried away! It is always ok to show God your love for Him in worship!

JT sings of a father lost in a trance dancing a dance he brought back from the war in France. Can you sense his imagery seeing a man come back from a war. Even though he saw men die he can get lost in a dance that brought out passion he never had known before.

My wife and I sat with my mom and dad at a pizza cafe in Springfield MO listening to the band play songs from my "dad's generation". I will never forget that moment. I could taste the nostalgia my dad felt. By the look on his face he would not liked to have been anywhere else in the world at that moment. Man - that is life!

Don't you ever be afraid to get lost in it. There is a treasure trove of passionate moments that go unnoticed everyday. Don't miss them.

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