Friday, June 1, 2007

Working Smarter...?

Um - I'm trying to think what's next with this blogging stuff. I've been reading lately about church prouction stuff and it has started a landslide of other info about this subject regarding tech, media, rss, hertz, SI and a whole lot of other terms that I had no idea even existed in my realm of expertise before this week. I get by pretty well in my job but I have to say that because of my knowledge or lack of knowledge in my perspective feilds - due to this weeks findings - is that if I can get along with half of the education that I need in order to be a 'specialist' - than most of all of us who claim to be "specail" at what we do are really good liars. I tell you one thing I'm not is a journalist. Man did you see that last sentance. I have no desire to go and fix it. Why because you get the point without me being a specialist in ... wordsmithing. I'd say that we generally get by with a percentage of education to do what we do on a regular basis. This in essence is what seperates most of us from becoming great - doing less for sake of working smarter.

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